Friday, November 23, 2012

Niche or Micro Niche Blogs Services - $5

Cheap Niche or Micro Niche Blogs Services
Everybody heard about niche blogs or micro niche blogs and the great importance of them for SEO, especially when your business have a strong competition.

When to use niche blogs?

If you're targetting a niche for your business and want to get supremacy on search enigines' results, then you need to obtain more related backlinks to your targeted keywords. But carefully to not get penalties from Google's Penguin algorithm updates.

Additionally, you need related content to join your new backlinks, usually from articles/posts that count more than 250 words. But this content need to be, also, carefully written, to not get penalties from Google's Panda algorithm updates.

To create successfully "niche campaigns" you shoud know that niche blogs should record an activty of at least 5 - 6 posts/articles. Personally, I prefere to create at least 15 - 20 posts for each blog, with Tire 1 and Tire 2 backlinks. It looks naturally and if you will promote these niche blogs via main social bookmarks, a few high pagerank wikies and article directories, you will get consistent traffic. Also, your blogs will obtain targeted visitors.

When to use micro niche blogs?

These kind of blogs works great for products or specific services, also for low competition keywords (usually under 100.000 searches)...

In my personal "micro campaings" I used micro niche blogs to get traffic from low competition keywords or to create and promote micro brands for specific goods or services. Also, I use 3 - 5 articles/posts for each blog as Tire 1 backlinks, only, and posts have minimum 500 words.

Niche or Micro Niche Blogs?

After reading this article, you should know what exactly your business needs. Anyway, if you are searching for professional services to get (micro) niche blogs as I described, well.. I'm glad to inform that you are in the right place. My offers can be found on fiverr, seoclercks and Fivesquids at only $5 for 5 blogs. If you want to get 3 - 5 articles for each micro niche blog or 15 - 20 posts for each niche blog, just check my Extras.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Manual Bookmarks - $5

Manual Bookmarking Services

The most people that works in online marketing know that manual bookmarks are the best and safest for SEO campaigns. But among thousands of manual bookmarking services, you should know that some are good to get only social presence and others to get more benefits, such as new visitors from social media, viral marketing, targeted traffic, improve ranking positions in search results, improve the pagerank, etc.

Get social media presence

For this is enough to submit your link via social profiles with a low number of followers, friends or connections. You'll get a little advantage from that kind of social accounts: your link will be faster indexed. Nothing more, so be carefull to not manually submit your url to tens of social bookmarking sites (10 - 20 are enough).

Stay at least on Top 5 Social Bookmarking Sites

The top is created from the pagerank point of view:
Twitter - PR10
Facebook - PR9
LinkedIn - PR9
MySpace - PR9
Pinterest - PR8

But you wouldn't limit only to TOP 5:
Stumbleupon - PR8
Google Plus - PR8
Delicious - PR8
Identica - PR8
MyOpera - PR8
PR8 Plurk - PR7
FriendFeed - PR7
BuzzFees PR7

Social accounts with many connections

This means that a social profile get a greater value as many friends/followers/connections it will grab. It's like the backlinks for a webpage: get more incoming links from other webpages (social profiles) and your authority will grow. I recommend to buy bookmarking services only from accounts with at least tens of followers. So, do not hesitate to ask about the number of friends or followers of the social profiles that will bookmark your link. Also, as many connections a social profile have, more visitors and reactions (likes, shares, comments) you'll get.

Old social profiles, usually with PR1+

The age of a social profile certify the authority of that account, as well as its activity. Also, many social accounts, older than 1 year have pagerank, usually PR2, PR3 or more - and this helps your link to be almost real time indexed and to get traffic from search engines.

Use linked social accounts!

Almost social bookmarks have advanced options that allow you to automatically share your posts. So, you have the opportunity to post i.e. on Pinterest, to share on Twitter and in the same time to share the Twitter post on your Facebook timeline and a Facebook page. Let's imagine it: I have a Pinterest account with 4000 followers, a twitter account with 10000 followers, a Facebook account with 3500 friends and a Fb page with 4000 fans. That means my message/post will be shared to a total number of 4000 + 10000 + 3500 + 4000 = 21500 people that have social relations with me! But I get even more: because I obtain a Tire 1 link from Pinterest, a Tire 2 link from Twitter and two Tire 3 links from Facebook => I get a social link pyramid. Wow...

By the way, I have that kind of product! You can meet it on fiverr, fivesquids and seoclerks.

Buy niche bookmarking services

As important are niche blogs for related targeted keywords, the same importance have niche social bookmarks.

But what means niche social bookmarks? That means your link will be bookmarked on related groups/fan pages/boards. Please retain that as more bigger are these landing pages (groups, boards, fan pages) as soon your link will get authority for search engines. Also, another important detail is the number of fans/members. Did you liked this article? Please share it and/or subscribe!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Social Bookmarking Service - $5

Cheap SEO Bookmarking Services
Bookmarking services are great for fast indexing and boosting the web traffic for a time period (usually 3-7 days). So, many SEO practitioners are using (buying) bookmarking services weekly to ensure a countinously social media presence and get high quantity and quality of traffic.

When to use manual bookmarking services?

First reason is to get your web pages fast indexed, and the second is to get more (boost) traffic. But these are the greatest SEO services when you are using them in some conditions:
- get backlinks from Top 5 or Top 7 social bookmarking (networking) services;
- the social profiles are older than 6 months;
- the social profiles have hundreds or thousands of followers/friends/connections;
- the social profiles have at least page rank 1;
- the social profiles are linked each other to generate Tire 2 or maybe Tire 3 social media backlinks.

 Also, I recommend only the manual bookmarking services to be used weekly, not later and not sooner (to avoid SPAM).

When to use (software) bookmarking services

When you need your pages to be fast indexed or when you want to boost your traffic (only for old pages).
You should get bookmarked your web pages to almost bookmarking websites that have at least pagerank 1 and a few with PR0 or PRna. Be carefull when you buy bookmarking services, because if it includes hundreds of PR0 bookmarking websites, then your link/webpage/website will be flagged as SPAM by the most search engines.

Where to buy?

I have some interesting bookmarking services that meet the requirements described in this article. These are manual and software social bookmarking services. But, take a look to convince yourself about my offers from: fiverr and seoclerks.
Please retain that the greatest offers and bonuses can be found on seoclerks, where sometimes my prices are getting down up to $4, $3, $2 and even $1.

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